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Calling all Young Beginners or Beginners Young at heart!

I am a 20 something Girl (woman?) (..nah) -girl who is sick and tired of all the scams I see online so I am going to do something about it instead of just complain.

We all want more money, right? This site is dedicated to Paying it Forward and helping out lazy, uneducated Bastards like myself find their Motivation and Personal Expertise, to Finally do Something and take advantage of this wonderful age of technology we live in, and make some bloody serious Cash without falling for every scam artist out there in the process. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t know much about computers, or how the internet works. All I know is that I can make money.

I have managed to Master (using the term loosely) the www with a little help from a friend and so far I make a comfortable 6 Grand or so each and every month from my Websites, that’s Not too shabby if you ask me.. *pat pat* And now I am certain that any one of You out there with half a brain and a keen interest for Money should be able to easily do what I’ve done- I was blessed with a Good Mentor who teaches me wisely, his Sense of Direction is unparalled in this Industry and I would love to be that Person for you! He’s encouraging me to take a stand and change how people Learn how to succeed online, and to influence the availability of this industry to others like myself, who aren’t that web savvy. At all.

This Blog is just going to be post after post of Facts *simplified* on how you can make money online, so brace yourself for an onslaught of information on Internet Marketing in its Purest form..  These are all things you need to know if you actually want to Make a Living by creating your own Online Business, be it by Marketing other peoples products or building a Website to sell your own Services. I am going to be as honest as possible, I’m not going to butter things up or write a sales letter. I’ll include links to the Sites I’ve used that have worked for me but that’s it, I’m not even going to shamelessly self-promote here and send you to my Niche Websites. They’re unrelated to marketing anyways.

You will see text notes in Blue throughout the site, these are especially important bits of basic info for Beginners “Noobs” (Newbies)  to pay attention to.

I still am afraid of coming across as one of the people I so despise, who pretends like they are looking out for your best interests, but are just Professionals caught up in their cut-throat Marketing Frenzy and are only selling you on their own products/sites. Which commonly, is most likely some piece of shit e-book from the mid-1980s. (did they even have internet back then?) Or an “Automatic push button software Miracle that will make your site #1 in Google in 15 min” HA please, don’t fall for any of those jokes- Especially the guy with the Flashy Website with 65 and a half testimonials, bragging to you about his new House, Boat, & Car while showing you earnings statements to prove to you that he’s not lying. Promising that you can be just like him, that He’s figured out the secret that no-one else has ever been able to- but YOU can have it for the one time low price of your…. Dignity.
…Today only.

For just $377! One time payment! (*except for the monthly payments we are going to be taking off your Credit Card  without telling you.)   -Then once you get INTO the Site …..You Only find the same shit you can find all over the internet dolled up with a few crappy software programs and a Cheese plate. Ok maybe not the cheese plate.

This is going to be easy to understand here at Thehelpforfreepage- no technical Crap that the average person can’t understand and if there is, I’ll explain it thoroughly. If you still can’t understand it, I probably can’t either and will research it some more. But seriously, if you don’t quite get something or have more questions, just Ask.


Beginners should refer to the ‘Simple how-to explanations for Beginners’ Category any time there is something you don’t understand, and find the relevant topic- there is a list of definitions for technical terms, step-by-step instructions on how things work, tutorials, manuals, videos, you name it. ‘From the start’ descriptions.

Each post is going to be labeled accordingly as to what it consists of- direct and compact. I will send you to other peoples sites if there is something to be learned that I feel is Necessary for you to know- namely if they have done a great job at Describing it and have something worthwhile to offer that I cannot- OR if they offer Programs or Software that has made me Money. But ONLY if it has been substantial Money, none of this Nickels and Dimes garbage that has saturated the Net.

There is going to be no Google Adcents promotion here- Randomly selected ads to fill space hoping you’ll click on it? What a crock! Don’t waste your time with it, it only clutters up your page and makes you look cheap. (-Don’t fret, I’ve also know tons of ways of making fast money- just not the ‘cheap’ way). Quality over Quantity, people. It’s the way to be.     

I am a Girl who is all about Instant Gratification.. We all are aren’t we? Who doesn’t like getting paid! I am a big fan of the Money. Me and the Money are tight these days, and in a good way.  I am encouraging (asking) for help to spread word about Thehelpforfreepage as I am not going to spend any Money on advertizing and would like to create a Traffic base ‘Organically’.  The more quality People I get linking to my Site and spreading the love, the higher it will rank in Search Engines and the more People I can reach- and I always reciprocate. At least if you have something appealing to offer.    ;)

There is an Unlimited amount of money to be made online, more than enough to go around- the more we help each other the more we EARN!!


Also keep your eyes and ears open later this year, I am going to be opening my very own  Membership site for my ’114 ways to the Top’ Marketing Course that will take someone who can only watch Porn and check their Facebook, to being able to make a Few G’s per month like childs play. It comes with a hefty Re-sell Package Incentive, and in my ripe old age of 29 (don’t tell anybody) I am tired of working by myself so I am recruiting help from the Buyers, who will get a very reasonable Commission for every Member joined on their behalf.

Which means, that this is going to be Brand new in 2011 when the Online Business Industry is exploding due to millions of people sick of suffering through this damned recession, so there is going to be an insane amount of new faces on the internet looking to supplement their Income Online, which means Massive easy Sales, and I am going to do a Private Pre-launch to the thehelpforfreepage Subscribers so my loyal readers/contributors all get in at the TOP!

That’s how all the Mr.Flashy pants’ with their fake marketing ploys are the Millionaires, it’s because they were the first ones to start Selling a certain System or Product! — just think, if they can get Rich selling empty Membership Sites full of Broken Software and Promises- Imagine what You can do.

Though, I do have to say they were taught well on How to be an Internet Marketer, because without the right instructions and the right knowledge to back them, they couldn’t have made it as far as they have. Lucky for you, Every Step-by Step instruction you need will be inside our Membership Site, how-to Videos, E-books, Simplified Tutorials, Software, Private Forums, the lot- But - IF you learn with me here at The help for Free Page until then, you should by rights already have your own Website up and running with a Steady Traffic base anyways by the time I launch the Site- So you can start making sales immediately.

Awesome! I’m so friggin excited! ..This time next year.. .. *shudder*

Check out the Categories. Read everything you see. Dooo something!

Stick Around! There’s more to learn for Free in every Post you see!



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