Did you even enter the word “Honest’ into the search engine and see what comes up?

It has got to be the most ‘un-honest’ websites out there- they are doubly as bad because they are duping people through and through by using the word ‘honest’ in their domain names or titles. What the eff is wrong with people these days. No one cares about anything but money! MOney! MONey! moNEy!

99% of the ads I see everyday online are bunk. They don’t provide what they promised, full of recycled information with a bigger price tag.  These are the guys who sit at home and call random elderly people in other countries claiming to be their long lost grandchild and ask them to send emergency money. They could be scamming grandmas on here, or children, or unemployed parents who are investing the last of their paycheck into what they think is a legit online business that will save their home. Maybe starving students who are busting their asses in their spare time trying to make enough money to buy TWO things of ichiban tomorrow.They just don’t care who is on the receiving end of their scheme.

This pisses me off to no end. I am frustrated so badly that I don’t want to be associated with ANY of them and I just want to quit this Blog. Like three times a day. But then on the other hand, it frustrates me so badly that I want to do nothing more than persevere and give people something real to hold onto and take their Business away from them! they don’t deserve anything.

I’m having a hard time writing copy that interests people, everyone is so conditioned to believe that things have to be presented a certain way or else it’s not worth paying attention to. Well, my writing style is anything but ordinary. This is making it more and more difficult to grab peoples attention to pay attention, that this is actually something positive and will benefit them. The norm out there is, is that when something isn’t written to a ‘t’ with professionalism oozing out it’s punctuation marks, then it’s most likely some pimply faced kid sitting in mommas basement hocking some affiliate linked program with no real value. How do I compete with over a million pimply faced kids on the internet? But when you get a sales copy that is perfectly written, I am quick to think that pimply boy just hired a copywriter to do it for him..

Maybe I am more of a skeptic than most. Ok, Im pretty sure I am.. I’ve seen the nasty, ugly ‘back office’ face that is internet marketing. Scarred for life, I am, I am..



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