Happy Monday Morning ;)

This page is going to show BEGINNERS how to make money online- I am not selling any information here!

I’ve seen so many scams, heard so many empty promises, wasted soo much time and money before I learned anything of value because the internet is flooded with desperate money hungry pocket protector wearing suits!

I am taking a stand and making a change!

I’m going to give you all the information I can think of for FREE by posting topics on my Blog- and only things I know of for certain that can make you money or is necessary for the process.  It is possible to make money online without spending any but of course it is more difficult, so I will be listing info on both ways to do it.

Look around for links to Sites and read up on them- the only one’s I’m going to post are super f*cking successful people (that have made me substantial money) so it will be worth it to learn how they do it. There are not going to be any random Google Adsense ads anywhere on this Site so no worries. I may use other peoples info though (eg. Steve Pavlina!), to get a point acrossed if I feel I can’t relay the information any better than they already have. So if you see something familiar that just means it’s very important information and that it’s worth reading again.

It’s easy. Can you type? That’s all I knew how to do when I started, and I’ve been making about 5-6gs a month this past year off of my personal Travel Niche site, and then on top of that, I have other sources eg. Article Marketing, PLR, etc that I do on the side.

If you are asking yourself why I’m doing this, it’s for the Karma– plus I figure when you are all Rich and Successful sitting on a beach somewhere getting sentimental and thankful over a glass of wine…. .. you’re gonna be looking me up ;)