The hardest thing about Teaching I’m finding is to not second guess myself. I really want to give the best of the best advice so people don’t have to struggle and get overwhelmed, but as I’m doing that I’m finding that I am struggling and completely overwhelmed. Hard to convey that message when I’m not succeeding at it myself.

I am constantly comparing myself to other Mentors and guides out there and feel that I’m fighting a losing battle, everywhere you turn there are people trying their hardest to convince you to listen to them, to buy what they’re selling, that they are the best and the rest is a mess. How do I compete with thousands upon thousands of people to choose from? How can I personally convince someone without ever actually meeting them that they should listen to me over anyone else?

I know without a doubt that I am looking out for your best interests and am pointing you in the right direction to success but don’t know how to convey it to a stranger. I’ve made my fair share of money online and then some without having to cross the threshold into strong selling and direct marketing, it came easy to me, (as it will to you as long as you use the right tools and find the Niche that suits you, that you believe in) and I’m having a hell of a time writing and re-writing everything I post to explain it to you without crossing that dangerous line to becoming like the rest.

I see this as a catch 22- either I somewhat DO become like the rest and hone in on this marketing frenzy they take part in to reach people, but then I risk losing credibility with those that are really looking for an honest answer to make their living online, because I will get brushed under the rug with all the scammers and bullshitters that populate the marketplace. OR I don’t take part of the marketing frenzy, I don’t try and stylize my words into selling ‘copy’ and I don’t use all the flashy, eye catching graphics and squeeze pages- but then I risk falling to the wayside and not reaching anyone at all.

I don’t actually want to waste my valuable time submitting articles, and posting in forums or buying backlinks to get my PR up. I know I am not alone in this battle, I know there has to be some other people like me who are fighting the good fight, just how in the hell do we tell us apart?!


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